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Crafting the Façade

Re-use, Re-invent, Re-activate

The University of Liechtenstein, The Mackintosh School of Architecture and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture offer a Erasmus + programme about the tectonics of the façade with workshops, project- and research studios, lectures, excursions and symposia. The project Crafting the façade fosters an interdisciplinary approach that enriches the focus on architectonic and constructive notions with cultural, social and economic issues that promote the discussion on structural and material aspects within the European building tradition.

Crafting the Facade is an intensive collaboration hosted by three European schools of architecture, investigating three common materials: Stone, Brick and Timber, each of which has had a significant impact of the development of the facade and the resulting architecture of its context.

Structured around a dedicated workshop and symposium focussing on each material, the project over time builds to provide a resource for both students and teachers interested in the building envelope as mediator and architectural paradigm, generating a series of publications and data sets available to the wider architectural community.

Against a background of economic uncertainly and climate change, Crafting the Facade provokes discussion on rethinking the design process to produce innovative building envelopes that can meet the contemporary and future expectations and targets, and in so doing recognises the need for students to develop understanding and skills that will prepare them not just for contemporary practice but to be active protagonists in the development of future personal or collaborative practice.

The title “reuse, reinvent, reactivate” anticipates both current and future situations. Reuse analyses existing constructions, components and building material. Reactivate explores traditions in craftsmanship and technical aspects. Reinvent tackles existing buildings to understand the potential they present.

With input from specialists in design, architectural theory and building construction, linked to local experts and enterprises, the project aims to provide a holistic perspective through the exchange of knowledge and the respective technical, cultural and environmental investigations and explore the potential for European discourse.